Bay Lake Cabin


Please carefully review our house rules before booking to ensure this property is a good fit for your group.  

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Some owners do choose to provide various watercraft and toys. MN Real Estate and
Management & the property owners are not responsible for accidents or injuries that guests
may incur while renting the property. Each guest must take responsibility for their own safety,
behavior, and actions. We accept no liability for accidents or injuries! Swim and boat at your
own risk! Please use caution, wear life jackets, and always watch children closely. There is an
inherent danger that comes with swimming and boating. No alcohol is allowed while guests are
swimming, by the water or boating. All guests are required to review, agree to, and sign a
release from liability waiver below along with the house rules. By signing this choosing to rent
this property, you are accepting a waiver of liability for injury or death on or around this


All guests are given a cell phone number and asked to call or text 24/7 with any issues or
questions. It is very important that if anyone staying at our property has a question about our
house rules or a safety issue on the property that they contact us. The current number for this
property is: 218 232 7079. We are minutes away and dedicated to ensuring that all of our
guests are safe and have any questions answered.


All guests are responsible for reviewing and following all basic house
rules. Any violation of these rules MAY result in immediate eviction and forfeiting of all monies.
Any breach of House Rules (including extraordinary cleaning) will also result in a charge to the
credit card on file of no less than $250 & up to $500 per violation plus damage to property. This
Charge will be discussed with the guest beforehand and processed on the card on file or billed
out to the responsible guest with a 30 net demand for payment.

We want you to have a good time! However, the following rules are necessary to protect our
guests, neighbors, property, and make it possible for us to continue running as a successful
short-term rental. Most guests appreciate and understand the general house rules. Let us know
if you have questions. We always accommodate when we can.

Let us start by stating that we ask every guest to have the utmost consideration for our
neighbors and community. After all, they did not choose to live next to a vacation rental.
Many enjoy and appreciate the guests that rent from us. Some are not so appreciative, so we
make our best effort. We must work closely with our neighbors and community if we are
going to be able to continue to provide Short Term Rental opportunities for years to come.
Aside from the sign in the yard, all neighbors have a cell phone contact and have been asked
to call or text 24/7 with any concerns. We want everyone to have a good time; however, our basic house
rules must be followed. Problems for us are rare, but if you have questions please reach out.


Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited. A guest who smokes in a property without
authorization will be charged for carpet, upholstery, and linen cleaning and deodorizing if any
evidence of smoking is found. The no smoking rule includes inside or near the screened porch. 


Fireworks of any kind ignited on the property or beach are not allowed. There is just too much
clean up, accidental damage, and neighbor complaints to allow fireworks of any kind.


Pets are not allowed on this property. There is a ton of special cleaning that housekeeping must do if someone brings a dog to
a pet free rental. The next guests may be highly allergic and that is why they chose the rental.
There is a minimum $500 charge for any guests found to have brought an unauthorized pet to a


Confetti, glitter, balloons, silly string are not allowed on the property. Please be very careful
that gum does not get on furniture, pillows etc. Small, excessive debris of any kind thrown
around the property can make housekeeping very difficult and expensive. We reserve the right
to run an extra charge on the CC on file if there is an unreasonable mess left for housekeeping.


Any garbage or debris thrown in the lake or beach can cause environmental issues and severely
impact our relations with neighbors. This most definitely includes water balloons & garbage left
in the yard. Water balloons are strictly prohibited, and we ask that you please clean up any
outside mess.


It is important to note if the property you are staying at has a septic system or not. Because a
septic may get clogged up, overwhelmed and even back up into a home, they are regulated
closely through the County. As a guest there are two considerations when renting a home with
a septic. 1) They are sized for a certain number of bedrooms & guests. Please avoid excess
water use which includes unusually long showers. 2) Each of our properties has a reminder in
each bathroom that the ONLY items that can go into a septic are toilet paper & human waste.
All other items must be put into the trash.


Two garbage cans are provided at the home for each stay. This covers about six bags of trash,
which is more than enough for most groups. Please let us know if for some reason you have an
excess of garbage. We must hire someone to come and pick up the excess garbage and dispose
of it. We do ask that guests let us know if they do have an extraordinary amount of garbage and
we ask that they cover the cost of removal.


Only registered guests can be on the property after dark. See the GUESTS section for more
details. We are strictly regulated by the Short-Term License as to how many guests are allowed.
This is based on the septic and size of the home. Please be respectful of our rules so our owners
do not get in trouble. We prohibit any tents or camping in yards without specific written


Avoiding a complaint or nuisance call by the neighbors or incident involving the police are the
reason for all the other rules! The four most common calls we receive are for 1) Too many
guests 2) Noise pollution 3) Too many pets 4) Too many cars. PLEASE ask us if you have
questions concerning any of the house rules. Of course, we take each individual situation into
account and work closely with our guests to ensure fairness.


All neighbors have been given a cell phone number and asked to call or text 24/7 if they have
issues. We know you’re coming to have a good time and that absolutely involves making noise.
However, please be considerate of our neighbors. Quiet hours are 9 PM to 9 AM. Loud music, at
any time or music with obscene language or containing explicit sexual content is prohibited.
Constant screaming or yelling with obscene language is prohibited. We have some neighbors
with small children who may be offended at any loud obscenities. We appreciate your patience
and cooperation with this issue.


Accidents happen and fingernail polish/remover & Self-tanning lotion is prohibited from all
properties. It destroys towels, bed linens, and permanently stains furniture.



If you do plan to have company during your stay you MUST get prior approval from
Management. Daytime guests must never exceed more than the number of registered guests
and must be off the property by nightfall.


The county license allows up to one vehicle per bedroom. There can be no parking on a public
road or in a yard. Please let us know if there is a need to make an exception. This is a common
complaint call from neighbors, so we need to follow the rules.


Due to liability and insurance concerns only guests who are listed on the rental agreement and
registered as guests are allowed to use any amenities.


You are certainly welcome to bring a boat up and use the dock. However, it is VERY important if
the weather is bad, or it gets windy to take it out. Leaving a boat tied to the dock can easily
cause major damage to the dock etc. If any damage occurs as a result of leaving a boat tied to
the dock in bad weather the responsible guest will be responsible for all damage.
There is no launching of motorized watercraft from the property; guests must launch motorized
watercraft from a DNR public access. All watercraft are to be moored at the dock.


Please check the individual rules closely for the property you are renting. Some properties allow
motorized vehicles, and some do not. Please contact us if you have any questions.


As much as we support your right to carry and use firearms, a short-term rental is not the place
for them. MN RE&M strictly prohibits firearms from all properties.


It is very important that guests
use proper fire safety. When things get dry and the wind picks up flames can easily flare up, get
blown into nearby grass and start a serious fire. Guests are responsible for making sure that all
fires are completely extinguished when they are done tending them. If we get a call from a
neighbor concerned about a fire that is unattended or too large, we must deal with it
immediately by calling the guest and asking them to put it out. If they are not reached, all costs
of having someone come to put the fire out will be billed to the guest’s credit card on file. Hotdog and marshmallow sticks are provided.


Dear valued guests, we understand that encountering bugs during your stay can be a cause for concern, but we want to reassure you that is is perfectly normal for a property in this area to have the occasional occurrence. Our team regularly takes measures to minimize their presence, such as routine pest control and thorough cleaning, but please keep in mind that bugs and small critters are part of the local ecosystem and can enter the property despite our best efforts. To further minimize the presence of insects, we recommend keeping exterior screens and doors closed as much as possible. this makes it less inviting for insects to ender the home. Please note: We work hard to keep the inside of the cabin free of pests; however, there will be no refunds if an issue does occur

Use of Firewood

Wood: Absolutely do not bring any wood from home. The wood burned here must be certified, and local.


MN RE&M does not provide or manage watercraft of any kind. However, we do have some
owners that have kayaks, canoes etc. on their property and allow guests to access them. We
take on no liability of any kind for injuries or death resulting in the use of these amenities.
However, for guest safety we do require that life jackets are always worn when a guest is using
water amenities. If it is brought to our attention via a neighbor that a guest is using a watercraft
without wearing a lifejacket, we will ask that everyone stays off the water from that point on.
The risk and liability are simply too high. Of course, the exception is playing and swimming on
the beach. Please make sure you verify life jackets before your stay. Most owners have a lot for
guests to use but check in if you have questions. Many guests bring their own to make sure
they have enough and the right fit.


The Guest must not hold events (such as parties, celebrations, or meetings) at the property
without the advance written consent of the Owner. Any of these cases will allow the Owner to
terminate the Agreement without providing a refund of any payment the Guest has paid for the
booking and the Owner will not be legally responsible for any alternative accommodation.


It is important that guests understand that there a ring camera on their door and a camera
facing the lake for security purposes. Courts have ruled, if they are disclosed, this is not an
invasion of privacy, and these cameras can be used in a court of law if something unfortunate
may occur. Let us know if you have any future questions on this issue. Owners are prohibited
from access the cameras  when guests are at the property.



There is no daily maid service. Linens and towels are included and not to be taken from the
unit. An initial setup of trash liners, bathroom paper, soap, and 15 other staple household items
are provided. There is a one-time cleaning fee. Additional cleaning fees may be incurred in the
event that cleaning involves any excessive cleaning that is in violation of the agreed upon house


No compensation will be given for temporary outage of electricity, gas, water, cable, or
telephone service. Outages should be reported immediately, and all efforts will be made to
have them restored as soon as possible.


Do not dismantle smoke detectors as they are there for your protection. Use the overhead
stove fan when cooking to avoid accidental activation of smoke detector alarm. Keep all grills a
safe distance from buildings. Please carefully review the directions concerning any heat
sources. With a few exceptions we normally cannot let guests use wood fireplaces due to
liability issues. Use all amenities properly. Wear life jackets always on the water and watch
children closely.

ENTRY BY MANAGER OR OWNER (in very rare circumstances)

In rare circumstances, owner or owner’s agents may enter the premises under the following
reasons: in case of an emergency; random Inspections due to a safety concern, police call, or
neighbor call; to make any necessary or agreed upon repairs, alterations, or improvements;
supply necessary or agreed upon services or show the premises to prospective purchasers,
renters, or contractors. Owner will provide renter with at least 1 hour notice of Owners intent
to enter whenever possible.

Condition Upon Leaving

Tenant agrees to leave the premises and its contents in the same general condition as Tenant
found the premises, understanding there is normal wear and tear expected. Furnishings or
other belongings are not to be removed from the premises for use outside or in other
properties. All keys are to be returned upon move-out by the Tenant. There will be a $50.00
charge per key if not returned.


Tenant and all other occupants will be required to vacate the premises and forfeit the rental fee
and security deposit for any of the following: Occupancy exceeding the sleeping capacity of
maximum numbered allowed, using the premises for any illegal activity, causing damage to the
premises rented or to any of the neighboring properties and any other acts which interferes
with neighbors’ right to quiet enjoyment of their premises.


Please report any maintenance needs for the premises to us and we will respond as quickly as
possible. Refunds will not be made for maintenance issues including, but not limited to heating
and air conditioning, appliances, televisions, and stereos.


MN RE&M furnishes linens and towels. Any lost or damaged linens will be billed out.

MN RE&M supplies 15 stocking items including paper products. Extra items needed are the
responsibility of the Tenant.

Limited cleaning supplies may be provided. We recommend that you bring any special items
that you may need.


By booking you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all house rules and our cancelation policy. MN RE&M understands that plans and circumstances change and at the same time we need to fair to our home owners. Our cancellation policy is as follows. 95% refund if the booking is canceled more than 30 days for the start of the booking. 50% refund is the booking is canceled between 30 and 14 days. Without proof of a medical emergence we can not refund within 14 days of a booking. The exception is if the booking is canceled within 24 hours.  Then the 95% refund applies at any time. .


In an effort to protect our clients and their property, if you have not booked with MN RE&M before directly or through an online OTA, we reserve the right to do a basic background check. If we find that you have been convicted of a felony involving, drugs, violence, or burglary in the prior five years we reserve the right to cancel your reservation. In that occurs, we will let you know within 10 days of booking and refund 100% of all booking funds collected.